Handwritten letter service

Handwritten letter service for all occasions

Trinitybox offers a customised letter writing service where you can choose which font style you would like along with a whole host of presentation options.

I handwrite all letters personally taking great care to ensure the finished product is exactly what you had in mind by sending you a proof before I start work. I will then edit the proof until you are completely satisfied with it before taking payment. When you are happy with the proof, I will then send you a list of questions regarding presentation options.

The most popular letters I write are love letters, anniversary (especially first as this is paper), for the morning of a wedding, poems, birthdays, Christmas to name but a few.

handwritten letter for a birthday

When you send your words to me, I will correct any spelling/punctuation errors and format your words on the page to compliment them as much as possible. I will also add some decorative swirls.

You are also able to choose the paper that I will write your words onto – parchment or hand made paper from India. The hand made paper can have an aged effect added and burnt edges if you would like this option. Dowels/finials are another option you can choose if you would like this look.

Your letter will then be rolled up and trimmed with ribbons and an optional charm or wax seal. It is presented in a card box (black, ivory or natural brown) with matching ribbons and a handwritten gift tag.

Once I have received your words I will give you a quote for the completed work. This quote will include your letter with all the presentation options.

If you would like more information regarding my hand written letters please click here or here I also make printed letters which are presented in the same way Personalised gift scrolls – Trinitybox My gallery here showcases examples of my work.

If you have any questions regarding handwritten letters, please don’t hesitate to contact me emma@trinitybox.co.uk

Give a letter or poem as a gift this Valentine’s Day

Give a letter or poem as a gift this Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day scroll
Valentine’s Day scroll from the Classic Collection

Write your loved one a heartfelt letter or poem this Valentine’s Day and have it beautifully presented as a personalised gift scroll.

There are a selection of scroll collections to choose from, with a choice of font, paper, ribbons and charm. If you prefer the more rustic look, you could choose one like the scroll pictured below with hand made, aged paper with burnt edges and a wax seal.

A letter or poem as a gift for Valentines Day
Valentine’s Day scroll from the Premium collection

Trinitybox also does calligraphy for that extra special personal touch, there is nothing like receiving a hand written letter on a special occasion. Again, with the Luxury (hand written) collection, there is a choice of font, paper, ribbon and charm to choose from. If you really wanted to show how much you care, there is an option with all the scrolls to have them presented in a solid wooden box.

Personalised hand written scroll
Luxury (hand written) gift scroll

Letter or poem presented as a Gift scroll
Luxury style (hand written) scroll with wooden box








Any of the scrolls can be personalised with names and dates, and each scroll is hand embellished with a subtle highlight on the larger words and decorative swirls. Every scroll also comes with the option of a personalised gift tag.

Order is easy and straightforward, and can be done online via the website.

For more details about my personalised gift scrolls, please click here, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Give a letter or poem as a personalised gift scroll

Give a letter or poem as a personalised gift scroll

Hand written personalised scroll
Luxury (hand written) scroll presented in wooden box

So you may have spent hours thinking about just the right words to put down on paper to perfectly express your thoughts, but what then… how can you present your heartfelt gift of words beautifully? This is where Trinitybox can help…

Gift scrolls
Classic style scrolls

I will either print or hand write your message onto a scroll using a choice of fonts (or you can use your own), with a choice of beautiful papers and presented in a box with ribbons, charm (or wax seal) and a gift tag.

Aged premium style scroll
Premium style scroll

There are 3 scroll collections; the Classic for a timeless feel, the Premium for a more rustic, aged/old English feel and the Luxury which is the hand written collection. Please click here for more information about the collections.

The scrolls are available in a small, medium and large size depending on how long your letter is and the format.

There is also an option to have your message printed/hand written onto paper without dowels/finials (the rollers at the top and bottom), like the one pictured below.

Personalised love letter scroll
Premium style scroll with no dowels/finials

If you know what to say but are unsure how to put it down on paper, there is also an option for someone to write a poem for you. Please click here for more information on this.

There is an option for the scrolls to be presented in a solid thuya wooden box, which is a beautiful piece of furniture and makes a beautiful keepsake to house your scroll in.

Beautiful box to keep your letter in
Solid wooden scroll box

The order process is simple and can all be done online, but if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


How many words?

How many words?

‘How many words will fit onto the scroll?’ This is a very common question that I am asked, and  a very difficult question to answer as it depends on many things such as the layout of the scroll and the font choice; poems are usually centralised and formatted in a certain way, and letters & speeches are usually set to the left. The font used also makes a difference, as the more ornate fonts take up more room on the page, and they often need to be bigger in order to make them completely readable.

If you are having dowels/finials, the paper size will be slightly smaller, as I need to trim the width of the paper in order to attach the dowels/finials so that they will still fit into the presentation box. The actual width of the paper I will use if you would like your scroll to be presented in a box would be 17cm, the length will then vary depending on whether you are having a small, medium or large scroll. If you aren’t worried about your scroll being presented in a box, I can then do much wider scrolls (up to 30cm in width). I make scrolls of many different sizes, the longest scroll to date was a hand written scroll which was 1 metre in length.

If you are unsure which size scroll to order, you can either order the one you think will be best, and I can then advise once I’ve had a look at the text (and either refund or send you another invoice for the difference), or it may be easier to email me your text before ordering for advice on sizing. Please send me your text in a word document.

The choice of fonts I offer for the classic and premium range are here, and the font choices for the luxury range are here. I can however use any other font style that you may prefer for the classic and premium collections, and also possibly for the luxury (hand written) collection. When ordering your scroll, please specify this on the order form, or email me your preference.

I hope this helps slightly if you are wondering which size scroll to order, but if in any doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks for reading, Emma




Personalised poem scrolls

Personalised poem scrolls

If you would like to express your thoughts and feelings to someone with a beautiful, bespoke personalised poem, but don’t know where to start, Trinitybox can help you. We will create a poem for you which will perfectly encapsulate everything you would like to say to that special someone. This would be a perfect gift for any occasion including Weddings, Wedding anniversary, love letter, Wedding proposal, showing a special friend how much you care, Birthday, Christmas…

The poems are created by our poet, Alison, who has over 20 years experience in this field, and has written thousands of poems during that time. The personalised poems below were created by Alison, please click on the photo to enlarge the text.

Personalised poem scroll for all occasions
Personalised poem scroll

Personalised poem scroll for all occasions
Personalised poem scroll







The process is simple;  contact me to express your interest, I will then email you some forms to fill in. You complete the forms and send them back to me, payment is then taken (usually through a Paypal invoice – you don’t need a Paypal account for this, just a debit/credit card), I will then forward your info to Alison (our poet) who will then work her magic to create either a 26 line or 50 line poem. Alison can usually do this within a few days. I will then send the poem to you which can be amended if necessary until you are 100% happy with it. After this, we can then talk about which scroll you would like.

The prices are as follows, these prices are for the poem only and don’t include the scroll;

26 line poem – £25

50 line poem – £35

If you would like more information on creating your perfect poem, and about our poet Alison, please click here.

Santa scrolls

New from Trinitybox for this Christmas, these Santa scrolls will light up your child’s face as they read the personalised signed letter from Santa and wonder at the magical Reindeer dust that they can sprinkle outside their home on Christmas Eve.

Personalised Letter to Santa
Santa scroll without dowels and finials

The scroll contains a lovely poem which is personalised to include your child’s details (name, gender, what they would like for Christmas, Street name). This is printed on beautiful handmade paper which has been aged.

Your scroll can have dowels and finials like the one pictured below, or without like above.

Santa scroll
Santa scroll with gold dowels and finials

Both scrolls are presented in a beautiful gold box with red and gold ribbons and a jingle bell charm. The scroll is trimmed with matching ribbons and a Santa wax seal.

You can have your own message printed on the scroll if you would prefer, or there is also the option for you to have your own poem written especially for your child.

For more details about these charming keepsake scrolls, please click here or contact me for more details.

Wooden scroll box

This beautiful wooden, oak stained box is new to Trinitybox. It is perfect for keeping your scroll inside, to treasure forever.

Hanging scroll in wooden box
Scroll in wooden box

This box will look perfect in any setting as it has a modern feel, but also would blend nicely with a more traditional decor. The dimensions of the box are 24cm(w) x 14cm(d) x 8.5cm(h), making it large enough to store other small items also if you wanted, particularly ideal for treasured Wedding mementos.

Wooden keepsake, storage box for storing your scroll
Wooden scroll keepsake box with an oak finish

Oak stained wooden scroll box
Oak stained wooden scroll box

The boxes have hinges and a dark bronze coloured clasp fastener.

The price of the box is an additional £20 on any of the scroll prices listed.

If you would like to order a scroll and wooden box, please contact me.

Fathers Day gift scroll


A Trinitybox scroll is a thoughtful and unique gift idea for Father’s Day. This one pictured below is a hanging scroll which can be hung in the recipient’s home to remind that person each and every day how special you are to them.

Fathers day gift scroll
Fathers Day hanging gift scroll


You can have any message/poem printed on your scroll with names and/or dates. The scroll is then trimmed in a ribbon colour and charm of you choice (pictured below) and beautifully presented in a gift box with coordinating ribbons and tag.

Scroll charms
Scroll charms choice

Trinitybox scrolls can be printed or handwritten. A choice of calligraphy font is available also with a selection of parchment and hand made papers.

Fathers Day personalised hanging gift scroll
Fathers Day hanging gift scroll

For more information about the gift scrolls, please click here, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.



Personalised love letter

This style of love letter is new from Trinitybox. I do have other styles available also, so please see my personalised gift scroll page before deciding!

Aged love letter scroll
Antique effect personalised love letter scroll

I decided to design this scroll because I was getting more and more requests for aged or antique effect scrolls, and this one definitely has an Old English feel to it. It has a luxurious feel to it and makes an extra special gift for someone and will be treasured forever.  This scroll is also perfect for Wedding proposals as the ring can be hidden inside the box.

The paper is handmade from recycled cotton and is stained to give it an aged effect. The edges are rough and these can be scorched to add to the aged feel.

The writing is hand embellised with gold on the larger pieces of text. Any message can be printed on the scroll.

The price of this scroll includes all personalisation, the ribbons with a colour of your choice, the wax seal in either a heart or fleur de lis design, the gift box with ribbons and gift tag.

The optional extras for this are as follows;

  • A customised wax seal with initial/s or other pattern
  • A photograph printed on the scroll is £3.

If you are interested in placing an order for this type of scroll, please email me with the following information;

  • the passage you would like me to print on the scroll including personalisation (names/dates)
  • the colour of ribbon you would like me to use
  • the message you would like me to print on the gift tag
  • if you would like the fleur de lis or heart design on the wax seal, or if you would be interested in a custom made wax seal
  • full postal address
  • any photos you would like on the scroll in an attachment

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.




Castle Wedding Invitations

These invitations are new from Trinitybox. I am making more and more scrolls for themed Weddings, and the Castle/Medieval theme seems to be very popular at the moment, so I have brought out these invitations which can also be used for other events such as Birthday invitations as well as Weddings.

Old English, Medieval style Wedding invitation with wax seal
Old English Wedding invitation with wax seal

The paper I use for these invitations is made from handmade from recycled cotton which is stained to achieve an aged effect, the edges of the paper pictured here have been scorched here to enhance this effect. There may be minor imperfections on the paper and each sheet will vary slightly from the other because of the nature of the paper being handmade. The invitation has been sealed with a wax seal which has been custom made with the couple’s initials. This invitation has been folded to enable it to fit in a standard envelope; DL (110x220mm) size envelope. These invitations do not come boxed, but matching envelopes are available to order.  The print is highlighted by hand with gold effects and printed on both sides.

Medieval, Old English, Castle Wedding Invitation
Old English style Wedding invitation

The price for the invitations above are £4.50 each. This includes the handmade, stained paper with rough edges and printed on both sides and a wax seal with a fleur de lis symbol. Also gold embellishment on some of the larger text/decorative patterns, your choice of wording with guest’s names and an emailed proof. The optional extras are as follows;

  • Burnt edges are 50p per sheet
  • Photos are 50p per sheet
  • Custom made wax seal with initials – £30

If you wish to order a sample invitation, the price of this is £10.

Matching envelopes are also available with these invitations, which can be sealed using coordinated wax seals.

Please contact me if you would like any further information.