Valentines day love letter idea; a personalised scroll

Valentines day love letter scroll
Personalised scroll for Valentines day

With a Trinitybox Valentines Day personalised scroll, you can express your love for your partner by giving them a beautiful gift scroll trimmed a ribbon and charm of choice and  presented in an ivory coloured scroll box, with a gift tag.

You can put down in words how much they mean to you, by using a poem or a message from the heart which they will be able to keep for years to come, you may even want to include a photo of you both together.

Valentines day love letter/proposal scroll
Marriage proposal scroll

You may choose the hanging scroll option which allows your partner to display the scroll by hanging it on the wall, or the non hanging scroll option which they will be able to keep in the box and treasure forever. Both are presented in the same way as above.

This is also a perfect way to pop the question, as a ring can be inserted within the box also.

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Guest book alternative

This guest book alternative is ideal for a Wedding or other celebration. This large scroll can be hung on the wall of the venue, or placed on a table to allow your guests to write their own personal message.

The scroll can then be hung on a wall in your home to remind you of the occasion and the loved ones who shared it with you.


The names and date are hand calligraphed.

The cost of this large hanging scroll measuring 56cm x 30 cm.

The scroll is posted to you rolled up and tied with a ribbon. This is ideal when transporting it to the venue and back.

Please contact me if you wish to order.

Christmas message scroll

This Christmas message scroll is an ideal way of presenting gift/theatre tokens, a surprise day out, details of an itinery such as a day out/weekend away, an annual update for friends and family, a poem, or to simply let the recipient know how much they mean to you….the list is endless.

Christmas scroll gift
Christmas gift scroll

Any message, poem, Bible verse, Prayer can be printed onto the scroll which can also be personalised with names and date/s.

The scroll is then rolled and tied with a ribbon of choice – gold, red, silver, tartan (the pattern may vary from the one shown in the picture) or pale blue. You could also customise your scroll with a ribbon that you have chosen, simply post it to me.

The scroll is further decorated with a choice of charm – reindeer, Christmas stocking, Christmas angel or heart.

The scroll is then presented in a gift box trimmed with matching ribbon and a tag is attached printed with your choice of message.

There is also an option of having a hanging scroll or non hanging. The hanging is ideal if you have composed a poem which the recipient of the scroll can then hang in their house for years to come. If you are giving details of a day out/holiday/itinery, the non hanging scroll would be best. For further details of the two options, please see this link to my website.

Ordering is simple and can all be done online. Simply fill in all the fields on the order page. This will then take you through to Paypal where you can pay with a Paypal account, or credit/debit card.

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Marriage proposal idea

For a unique and original marriage proposal idea, have a Trinitybox scroll handcrafted to give to your loved one.

Marriage proposal idea
Marriage proposal scroll

Your own message or poem is printed on the scroll which can be personalised with names and dates. The scroll is then trimmed with a choice of ribbon colour and pretty charm.

The ring can be popped inside the box or hidden under the black tissue paper at the base of the box.

The box is also trimmed with your ribbon colour choice and a gift tag is attached with the name of your partner printed.

There is no word count limit for your scroll as this can be printed over several sheets if necessary, the presentation is still the same.

To order your Marriage proposal scroll, please click on this link which will direct you through to my order page. After filling out the order form you will be directed to the Paypal site where you can pay with either a Paypal account or credit/debit card. Please select the price for a non hanging scroll.

If you have any questions/queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be very happy to help.

Love letter message scroll

Poem and love letter message scrolls are by far the most popular scrolls that I make for my customers.

Personalised love letter scroll
Personalised love letter message scroll

These are commissioned mainly by men, which makes me very happily believe that romance is most certainly not dead!

My hanging and non hanging scrolls are the perfect way to present any poem or love letter. The hanging scrolls are especially apt, as the recipient of the gift can hang the scroll on the wall for years to come, reminding them every day of the precious message you had printed on a scroll just for them.

Personalised Valentines Day gift scroll
Poem scroll/love letter scroll for Valentines Day
Love letter scroll - poem scroll
Love letter scroll/poem scroll

Any poem, message, prayer or Bible verse can be printed on my scrolls, each personalised with names and dates if you wish. The scroll is then tied with a choice of ribbon and pretty charm. The scroll is presented in a gift box with a tag printed with a message.

Wedding scroll with ribbon to match occasion
Poem scroll for the morning of the Wedding







These make ideal gifts for many occasions including Wedding anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines day, on the morning of the Wedding, or as a lovely surprise at any time.

The price of the hanging scroll is £15, and the non hanging is £12. There is also a charge of £3.20 for postage and packing.

I can include pictures, photos and different borders (the standard border I use is picture on my website), however these may incur extra cost depending on the complexity.

If you have a long message or poem, it is advisable to choose the non hanging scroll as I can print over several sheets (the presentation will still look the same). The hanging scroll is slightly smaller than a sheet of A4. If you are in any doubt, please feel free to email me you poem/message and I can see which option is best for you.

Personalised Baptism gift


Personalised Baptism gift
Personalised Christening gift

This beautiful Christening gift scroll is presented in a gift box trimmed with a ribbon colour and charm of your choice.

Any message, poem, Bible reading can be printed onto the scroll which can also be personalised with names and dates. The gift tag can also have a message of your choice printed on it.

The recipients can choose to hang the scroll in their home as a continuous reminder of the occasions, or keep it in the box as a special keepsake.

The price of the hanging scroll with all the above included is £15 (plus £3.20 p & p). If you would like to have a photo as pictured above, this would be an additional £5.

For more information about my gift scrolls, please click here.

Wedding scroll invitations

I am very excited to present my new collection of Wedding scroll invitations.

Pictured below is a taster of what I offer, for more details please see my Wedding invitation scrolls page.

The invitations are printed on ivory colour parchment paper and tied with a ribbon colour of your choice, to match the colour theme of the Wedding. The ribbon is decorated further with a choice of pretty charms – hearts, Wedding bells or lucky horseshoes. If there is a different charm that you would prefer to use, I would be able to order this for you.

Wedding invitation scroll

You can even have a picture printed on the invitation, maybe of the church or even the happy couple, the choice is yours. The wording of the invitation is your choice also, although I am happy to offer some suggestions.

Wedding invitation scroll with photo

Most of my invitation scrolls are presented in a scroll gift box, trimmed with a ribbon colour of your choice, a charm, and have a tag which can be printed with either the names of the guests, or the names and date of the couple getting married.

For more details and prices, please click on this link – Wedding invitation scrolls

Personalised Christian gift

Personalised gift scroll for Baptism
Personalised gift scroll for Baptism

What could be more special than giving another person the precious word of God?

Trinitybox will print the passage/verse you would like onto parchment paper, personalise it with names and dates if you wish, the scroll will then be beautifully presented in a gift box and trimmed with a ribbon colour and charm of your choice.

Personalised scroll for a Wedding gift
Personalised scroll for a Wedding Anniversary gift
Wedding anniversary gift scroll

There are 2 different options for the gift scroll; hanging or non hanging. If you choose a hanging scroll, the recipient will be able to hang the scroll on their wall for years to come, reminding them of God’s love and His presence in their lives.

My vision for Trinitybox was to help others bring people to Jesus in a non threatening way. As Christians, God calls us to share our faith with others to enable them to have a personal relationship with God and to experience the fulfillment, peace, joy, comfort and reassurance that this brings;  ‘Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit’  Matthew 28 v19, Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me’ John 14 v6. Giving someone a gift containing the Word of God could be the most rewarding gift they may ever receive.

Personalised scroll for Baptism

Trinitybox gift scrolls can be given for all occasions to provide love, comfort, trust, strength, hope and encouragement through God’s Word.

Trinitybox scrolls can be given as a gift for any occasion; Baptism/Christening, Wedding, Birthday, to say thank you, bereavement, Christmas, Wedding anniversary and many more!

Please click on this link for more information where at the bottom of the page, you will find many popular Bible verses, browse by occasion, about, or the Biblical message.

How to beautifully present an ‘experience’ gift

You may have spent a lot of time and effort choosing an ‘experience’ gift or day for your loved one, and when it comes to presenting this gift, you surely don’t want to just hand over a scrap of paper. It doesn’t really reflect the all the thought that you have put into finding the perfect present or day for them.

Trinitybox has the answer, you can present the ‘experience’ by ordering a beautiful, personalised, handmade scroll with all the details of the experience printed on genuine parchment paper, presented in an ivory coloured gift box with a gift tag.


A love letter with a difference

Romantic gift scrollTrinitybox produce beautiful handmade, personalised scrolls for all occasions.

If you would like to send your loved one a truly romantic, thoughtful gift that they will love, simply send me the poem or message that you would like to give them, and I will print it onto Love letter with a differencea lovely hanging scroll which they will then be able to hang in their home as a constant reminder of your love for them.

The scroll is presented in an ivory coloured gift box with matching ribbon and gift tag. I will personalise the scroll with names and dates, and print a message onto the gift tag at no extra cost.

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