Family tree scrolls

You may have spent many nights researching your family history and are wondering what to do with it now that you have gathered your information; a family tree scroll gives you the opportunity to display your precious ancestory on a wall for everyone to see and share in your discoveries.

family tree scroll
family tree scroll

I don’t use any template, each scroll I produce is bespoke. The scroll pictured here is printed on a cream coloured ivory parchment paper and is ready for framing, it measures 56cm x 21.5cm. Other size variations are available depending on your requirements. I can also add photos, pictures, or any other images that you may have in mind to complete the overall look of the scroll.

The scroll below incorporates 5 generations of family on each side from the children in the middle. This one measures 40cm x 40cm.

Family tree picture
Family tree scroll


The family tree scrolls start at  £50 and will vary in price depending on the complexity. Please contact me for more information.