How many words?

How many words?

‘How many words will fit onto the scroll?’ This is a very common question that I am asked, and  a very difficult question to answer as it depends on many things such as the layout of the scroll and the font choice; poems are usually centralised and formatted in a certain way, and letters & speeches are usually set to the left. The font used also makes a difference, as the more ornate fonts take up more room on the page, and they often need to be bigger in order to make them completely readable.

If you are having dowels/finials, the paper size will be slightly smaller, as I need to trim the width of the paper in order to attach the dowels/finials so that they will still fit into the presentation box. The actual width of the paper I will use if you would like your scroll to be presented in a box would be 17cm, the length will then vary depending on whether you are having a small, medium or large scroll. If you aren’t worried about your scroll being presented in a box, I can then do much wider scrolls (up to 30cm in width). I make scrolls of many different sizes, the longest scroll to date was a hand written scroll which was 1 metre in length.

If you are unsure which size scroll to order, you can either order the one you think will be best, and I can then advise once I’ve had a look at the text (and either refund or send you another invoice for the difference), or it may be easier to email me your text before ordering for advice on sizing. Please send me your text in a word document.

The choice of fonts I offer for the classic and premium range are here, and the font choices for the luxury range are here. I can however use any other font style that you may prefer for the classic and premium collections, and also possibly for the luxury (hand written) collection. When ordering your scroll, please specify this on the order form, or email me your preference.

I hope this helps slightly if you are wondering which size scroll to order, but if in any doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks for reading, Emma