Give a letter or poem as a personalised gift scroll

Give a letter or poem as a personalised gift scroll
Hand written personalised scroll
Luxury (hand written) scroll presented in wooden box

So you may have spent hours thinking about just the right words to put down on paper to perfectly express your thoughts, but what then… how can you present your heartfelt gift of words beautifully? This is where Trinitybox can help…

Gift scrolls
Classic style scrolls

I will either print or hand write your message onto a scroll using a choice of fonts (or you can use your own), with a choice of beautiful papers and presented in a box with ribbons, charm (or wax seal) and a gift tag.

Aged premium style scroll
Premium style scroll

There are 3 scroll collections; the Classic for a timeless feel, the Premium for a more rustic, aged/old English feel and the Luxury which is the hand written collection. Please click here for more information about the collections.

The scrolls are available in a small, medium and large size depending on how long your letter is and the format.

There is also an option to have your message printed/hand written onto paper without dowels/finials (the rollers at the top and bottom), like the one pictured below.

Personalised love letter scroll
Premium style scroll with no dowels/finials

If you know what to say but are unsure how to put it down on paper, there is also an option for someone to write a poem for you. Please click here for more information on this.

There is an option for the scrolls to be presented in a solid thuya wooden box, which is a beautiful piece of furniture and makes a beautiful keepsake to house your scroll in.

Beautiful box to keep your letter in
Solid wooden scroll box

The order process is simple and can all be done online, but if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me.