Luxury scrolls

Below are just a small selection of photos from this range. To view more photos, please go to the gallery.

Hand written letter
Luxury scroll on aged, hand made paper presented in a wooden box, font style number 1
Hand written scroll
Close up of Luxury scroll hand writing font style number 3
Wedding anniversary scroll
Luxury scroll on aged, handmade paper with font style number 2

If you want something really special, a luxury scroll from Trinitybox won’t fail to impress.

Love letter scrolls handwritten
Medium size Luxury style scrolls with silver painted dowels/finials
Handwritten or calligraphy scroll
Luxury scroll with aged, handmade cotton paper with gold painted dowels/finials
Wedding vow scroll
Medium Luxury style scroll

All of these scrolls are handwritten with your choice of calligraphy font . Your chosen message, poem or prayer is handwritten onto either parchment paper or hand made paper with or without the aged effect. The larger letters and border design will be embellished (very subtly) with a gold or silver paint.

Hand made papers with the aged effect pictured left
Parchment and aged, hand made paper

You can choose whether or not you would like gold/silver painted, or oak stained dowels and finials as pictured at the top of the page, or none as pictured below. Your scroll will then be trimmed with ribbons and wax seal or charm and presented in an ivory coloured gift box with coordinating ribbons and a hand written gift tag.

Calligraphy scroll
Luxury scroll on parchment paper without dowels/finials
Wedding morning scroll letter
Medium Luxury scroll presented in a wooden box
Handwritten letters and scrolls
Luxury scroll with handmade, cotton paper; no aged effect

Please click here to see the different calligraphy fonts you can have handwritten on your scroll. The sample below is using font choice number 1.

Personalised calligraphy scroll medium length
Medium sized luxury scroll

The gift tag is also handwritten in your choice of font.

As with the scrolls from the classic range, the choice of charms which are attached to the ribbon that trims the scroll are pictured below, or you may prefer to have a wax seal with a heart or fleur de lis pattern. I can also use a gold plated heart charm if you would prefer a gold colour.

Charm choice in Tibetan silver
Gold plated heart charms

If you wanted to pull out all the stops, you could have your handwritten scroll beautifully presented in a wooden presentation box pictured below. This will ensure that the message on your scroll will be cherished and preserved for years to come in this unique , charming piece of furniture. This box is priced at £60 (box only).

Wooden scroll presentation box
Wooden scroll presentation box

Ordering and prices

If you are interested in ordering a Trinitybox luxury scroll, please contact me with the following information;

  • your choice of message/passage/poem
  • any personalisation you would like me to write on the scroll such as names and dates
  • whether you would like your scroll with or without dowels/finials (the rollers at the top and bottom of the scroll
  • your choice of paper
  • your choice of font
  • your choice of ribbon colour and charm
  • the date your scroll is needed by

I will then get back to you with a quote. As a rough guide, prices for these scrolls start at £90 to include the handwritten scroll (no dowels/finials) , ribbons & charm, ivory coloured card presentation box with gift tag. This is priced at around 70 words and the price will increase with the word count accordingly.

The scroll will take around a week to process, but it may be possible to meet a shorter deadline if necessary.

After payment has been received, I will email you a computer mock up of what your scroll will look like, you can then check the font style, layout etc and any amendments can then be made before I hand write your scroll.

If you have any questions at all about these scrolls, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I also have another website if you would like to see more examples of my handwritten letter gift scrolls, this link will take you to the photo gallery on this website, so please feel free to browse through these photos, or the rest of this website