Classic scrolls

This range of scrolls can either be hanging or non-hanging.

Personalised scroll for Baptism
Hanging gift scroll
Wedding proposal scroll
Non hanging gift scroll

If you would like your scroll to be displayed, the hanging option would be the best. If however, you would like the scroll to be more of a keepsake to stay in the box, choose the non-hanging option. Any message, poem, prayer or Bible verse can be printed on your parchment scroll and you can also personalise it with names and dates.

Scroll charms
Scroll charms choice

All the scrolls in the classic range are printed on ivory parchment paper for a classic, timeless feel.

They are presented in a tasteful ivory coloured scroll-box with ribbon colour and charm of your choice. A gift tag is also attached which can be left blank for you to write your own message, or I can print a message onto this for you at no extra charge.

The coloured ribbon is laid on top of a sheer black ribbon, the choices of the coloured ribbons are dark pink, royal blue, silver, gold or red. If you would like another colour, please contact me first as this will incur a small additional cost.

If you would like to add a photo to your scroll, please email me an attachment. The cost of this is an additional £3 to include a proof scroll emailed for your approval.

Non hanging gift scrolls

Personalised poem scroll for all occasions
Non hanging gift scroll with silver painted dowels/finials
Christmas scroll gift
Non hanging scroll without dowels








The non-hanging gift scrolls are A4 in size and make a beautiful keepsake. They are printed on an A4 size sheet of parchment paper. They are perfect for conveying any sort of special message such as a marriage proposal, a love letter, an ‘experience’ day, Wedding speeches/vows, and many more. There is no maximum word count for this type of scroll as I can print your message over several sheets if necessary, the presentation will remain the same.

Personalised scroll for love letter
Non hanging scroll with black painted dowels


Non hanging scroll with gold coloured dowels & finials
Non hanging scroll with gold coloured dowels & finials

There are 3 different options with the non hanging scrolls – the passage can be printed on a piece of A4 size ivory parchment paper (top photo without dowels), it can have black painted wooden dowels attached to it or gold painted wooden dowels & finials. if you have a very long passage you would like printed, the option without dowels would be best as I can print your passage over several sheets of paper, alternatively see the long hanging scroll below.

Hanging gift scrolls

Personalised Baptism gift
Personalised hanging scroll with black painted dowels

The hanging scrolls are handcrafted using either black painted wooden dowels, or gold painted wooden dowels & finials.

Hanging gift scroll
Hanging scroll with gold dowels and finials

They are designed for the recipient to hang in their home,  and can  be given as a gift for any occasion such as Valentines Day, Baptisms, Wedding Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations, Mother’s day and much more. and make the perfect present for a First Wedding Anniversary, as the tradition is to give a paper gift; a nice idea is to use the Reading that the couple had in their Wedding service along with the ribbon colour to match the colour theme of the Wedding.

Hanging scroll
Hanging scroll with gold dowels and finials


Ordering and prices

If you would like to order one of these scrolls from the classic range, please use the order page. After payment has been made, I will email a proof of the scroll to you to ensure you are happy with everything before printing.

Please note that if you are ordering a scroll with dowels, there is a limit to the amount of words I can fit onto the scroll – the size of the scroll is 20cm wide and 25cm long including the dowels, this  is smaller than a sheet of A4 which measures approx 21cm wide and 30cm long.

Non hanging scroll without dowels – £30.00 (£4.00 p & p)

Non hanging scroll with black dowels – £35.00 (£4.00 p & p)

Non hanging scroll with gold/silver/oak stained dowels & finials – £40.00 (£4.00 p & p)

Hanging scroll with black dowels –  £35.00 (plus £4.00 p & p).

Hanging scroll with gold/silver/oak stained dowels & finials – £40.00  (plus £4.00 p & p).

The classic scrolls are also available in a pearlised silver box with coordinating paper. If you would like this option, please state in the comments section on the order form.

Wedding Gift scroll in a silver box
Classic scroll printed on pearlised silver paper with matching box

Longer/larger scrolls for longer passages

If you would like a scroll with dowels and finials but the passage you are using is too long to fit comfortably on an A4 sheet using at least a size 16 font, I can custom make a longer scroll to fit the passage, an example of which is pictured below. The price will vary on the length of the passage, if you would like to order this option, please contact me sending the passage in the email. This option may still be able to be presented in a gift box depending on the width of the scroll.

The price of the longer scrolls start at £50.


Wedding speech scroll
Wedding speech scrolls
Long hanging scroll
Long hanging scroll











Below are a selection of  Bible verses you might like to use for your scroll. These make a perfect Christian gift for all occasions such as Baptism, Wedding, Confirmation, Birthday amongst many others.

Browse by occasion, about or by Biblical reference for inspiration.