Love letter message scroll

Poem and love letter message scrolls are by far the most popular scrolls that I make for my customers.

Personalised love letter scroll
Personalised love letter message scroll

These are commissioned mainly by men, which makes me very happily believe that romance is most certainly not dead!

My hanging and non hanging scrolls are the perfect way to present any poem or love letter. The hanging scrolls are especially apt, as the recipient of the gift can hang the scroll on the wall for years to come, reminding them every day of the precious message you had printed on a scroll just for them.

Personalised Valentines Day gift scroll
Poem scroll/love letter scroll for Valentines Day
Love letter scroll - poem scroll
Love letter scroll/poem scroll

Any poem, message, prayer or Bible verse can be printed on my scrolls, each personalised with names and dates if you wish. The scroll is then tied with a choice of ribbon and pretty charm. The scroll is presented in a gift box with a tag printed with a message.

Wedding scroll with ribbon to match occasion
Poem scroll for the morning of the Wedding







These make ideal gifts for many occasions including Wedding anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines day, on the morning of the Wedding, or as a lovely surprise at any time.

The price of the hanging scroll is £15, and the non hanging is £12. There is also a charge of £3.20 for postage and packing.

I can include pictures, photos and different borders (the standard border I use is picture on my website), however these may incur extra cost depending on the complexity.

If you have a long message or poem, it is advisable to choose the non hanging scroll as I can print over several sheets (the presentation will still look the same). The hanging scroll is slightly smaller than a sheet of A4. If you are in any doubt, please feel free to email me you poem/message and I can see which option is best for you.

A love letter with a difference

Romantic gift scrollTrinitybox produce beautiful handmade, personalised scrolls for all occasions.

If you would like to send your loved one a truly romantic, thoughtful gift that they will love, simply send me the poem or message that you would like to give them, and I will print it onto Love letter with a differencea lovely hanging scroll which they will then be able to hang in their home as a constant reminder of your love for them.

The scroll is presented in an ivory coloured gift box with matching ribbon and gift tag. I will personalise the scroll with names and dates, and print a message onto the gift tag at no extra cost.

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