Wooden presentation box

I’m afraid both boxes are out of stock at present.

Solid oak presentation box

Trinitybox offers  a choice of two wooden presentation boxes for your scroll. Each one has been custom made for the scrolls. 

The first one pictured at the top has been hand made from solid oak in the UK from a local supplier who specialises in bespoke, hand crafted furniture and knives https://workshop15.co.uk/

This box is priced at £50 in addition to any of the scroll prices listed.

Pictured underneath the oak box is a stunning and unusual Moroccan, solid wooden box. Any of the scrolls can be housed in one of these, although there isn’t the option for the card presentation box to fit inside this one. It will house the scroll only, with ribbons, charm (or wax seal) and a gift tag.

This box is £40 in addition to any of the scroll prices listed. The external dimensions for the box are 24.5cm (w), 10.5cm (d), and 7cm (h). This box is currently out of stock.

Please be aware that these boxes have been lovingly hand made, but because they are not mass produced in a factory, they may have slight notches/small flaws within them.

If you are interested in this box, please contact me.