Wooden scroll box

This beautiful wooden, oak stained box is new to Trinitybox. It is perfect for keeping your scroll inside, to treasure forever.

Hanging scroll in wooden box
Scroll in wooden box

This box will look perfect in any setting as it has a modern feel, but also would blend nicely with a more traditional decor. The dimensions of the box are 24cm(w) x 14cm(d) x 8.5cm(h), making it large enough to store other small items also if you wanted, particularly ideal for treasured Wedding mementos.

Wooden keepsake, storage box for storing your scroll
Wooden scroll keepsake box with an oak finish
Oak stained wooden scroll box
Oak stained wooden scroll box

The boxes have hinges and a dark bronze coloured clasp fastener.

The price of the box is an additional £20 on any of the scroll prices listed.

If you would like to order a scroll and wooden box, please contact me.